The secretive artist whose identity remains a mystery is in the Big Apple on a month-long residency where he will be producing a new piece of street art every single day.

These works will take the form of either “elaborate graffiti, large scale street sculpture, video installation or substandard performance art,” Banksy explained in an interview with New York magazine The Village Voice.

His most recent offering was to set up a stall in Central Park and sell genuine Banksy artworks for $60 a piece, when they could sell for as much as £20,000 each.

“Yesterday I set up a stall in the park selling 1000% authentic original signed Banks canvases. For $60 each,” the artist said on the official website for his latest project.

A video of the stall shows a number of people buying canvasses, one lady even bartering for a half price discount. For those who missed out though, Banksy has been at pains to point out that was a one off and that the stall will not be there again.

Artworks that have sprung up in New York include The Sirens of the Lambs, in which a van full of stuffed animal toys drove round Manhattan’s meatpacking district, and the latest being an overtly political piece featuring a horse wearing night vision goggles and a burned out car.

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Photo: Getty.