The multinational vibe of the Hammersmith branch is not surprising, considering upstairs harbours St Christopher’s Inn, a hostel for backpackers from all corners of the world.

Lightshades made from maps hover overhead, while punches of colour come from bunting hanging from pillars and exposed red brick walls. After hours, the restaurant area transforms into a club-like space, with happy hours – three, in fact – offered every day. And you’ll need them: this place loves a Jager.

Behind the bar:

Unpretentious fruity cocktails are the stars of the menu, served in jam jars for a twist. We were hooked on the naughty Wham Jam Thank You Mam, a moreish blend of Southern Comfort cherry and Luxardo amaretto. A tipple of the Cherry Mash Sour’s bourbon and cherry brandy, plus a pint of on-tap Doom Bar beer, was enough to see us right through to the edge of tipsiness.

The grub:

The company recently launched a new menu made up of innovative and totally awesome gourmet burgers, sharing bites and lunch specials. Opt for the crunchy but light sweet potato fries for extra carbs to help soak up your boozing.

Bill please:

Cocktails from £7.50, wine from £3, burgers from £7.


It doesn’t matter if you’re a traveller or a hardened Londonphile – this is laid-back drinking at its best.

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