In keeping with Unrestricted View’s bottom line, this is a festival for the underdogs. Encouraging film makers with no restrictions on style or content breeds a community of original thinkers with alternative ideas. Give them a challenge to make a horror film and, well, you’re bound to end up with something daring and scaring.

Housed in North London’s beloved Hen and Chickens Theatre, the single theatre space encourages smaller audiences which make for the perfect setting for horror genres. You won’t find any mainstream cinema here, the theatre has a long legacy of hosting all things weird, wonderful, and Fringe. While indie horror may seem like a niche genre, it’s a platform for independent filmmakers to be bold and brutal, showing their true colours, even when those colours are black and bloody.

Gaining incredible traction, Unrestricted View’s film festivals are quickly becoming a creative hub for North London’s independent filmmakers. With their 2017 follow up festival already in the making, this horror fest is a great way to keep your Halloween going, and will leave just enough time to emotionally recover for next year’s big event.