Images of suited men guffawing over cigars and whisky while reclining on white padded leather corner seating springs to mind. Which is why Tamesis Dock is so brilliant, as it is 100% not like that.

It is a boat, yes, but it is an old 1930s Dutch barge with a wooden open-air deck and a two-level below deck area with quirky knick knacks lining the walls and a super-cool hanging egg chair. It’s probably best not to sit here, though, during high tide when the boat does rock somewhat, but this only lasts around 30 minutes, after which is settles back on the river bed.

It’s a great spot for an after-work drink in the summer months, and an even better place to rent out for a special occasion. I hired the inside area for my big 3-0 and it went down ridiculously well. A quirky venue with a view across the Thames to Westminster and Big Ben, but without a banker wanker in sight. Perfect.

Behind the bar:

Its beer selection is full of character, with Brewdog, Yakima Red Meantime and Blue Moon all vying for your tastebuds.

Elsewhere there are classic cocktails, a short but sweet wine list and, of course, Pimms.

The grub:

Filler food helps prevent the ‘sea air’ from going to your head with spring rolls, burgers and baguettes on the menu. The giant nachos are awesome.

Bill please:

Beers from £4, wine from £4.50, cocktails from £7. Mains from £5.


It’s cool, it’s quirky, it floats our boat.

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