Gillard today confirmed President Obama had called to thank her for her support during the election – and also praise her October 9 speech, reports

“I’m not going to go into a private discussion but I think it’s fair to say he was aware of it,” Gillard said.

“Look it was a warm discussion of congratulations on President Obama’s re-election. I was very glad I had the opportunity by phone to congratulate him.

“Of course I have publicly offered my congratulations. I’ve written to him about our continuing work together. But it was great to have the opportunity to speak to him directly, to personally congratulate him on his election victory.”

A clip of the Aussie PM’s attack on Opposition Leader Tony Abbott went viral last month, when she tore strips off him for being sexist.

She said: “The Leader of the Opposition says that people who hold sexist views and who are misogynists are not appropriate for high office.

“Well I hope the Leader of the Opposition has got a piece of paper and he is writing out his resignation. Because if he wants to know what misogyny looks like in modern Australia, he doesn’t need a motion in the House of Representatives, he needs a mirror.”.