Barack Obama has put forward a $450bn (£280bn) package that

is aimed at boosting the economy and creating more jobs.

The US President’s package includes a number of tax cuts and

spending plans to help reduce the country’s unemployment rate, which currently

stands at nine per cent.

Reactions to the proposal have been mixed, with some

Republicans claiming that it is just an attempt to gain popularity ahead of

next year’s election.

Opposition from the Republicans is not widespread, however.

Many have admitted that the plans are worth considering, as long as the

Democrats and Republicans could successfully work together. Republican

congressman John Boehner said that he hoped Obama would give “serious

consideration” to their ideas as well.

The main focus of the proposal is a further cut in the

Federal Insurance Contributions tax, used to fund social security and

healthcare for retirees. The president hopes to cut this tax to 3.1% for

workers, costing $240bn.

$50bn is earmarked for infrastructure projects and plans to

upgrade the America’s airports.

The proposal also suggests $85bn in federal government aid

to local and state governments.

Mr Obama hopes that the bill can be passed as soon as

possible and is looking to submit it to Congress next week.

The House of Representatives is controlled by the

Republicans, who have already blocked many of the president’s legislative

proposals. It remains to be seen whether this package will be approved.