Polling numbers coming out of the key battleground states in the mid-west of the United States appear to be showing that President Obama will be re-elected at the expense of his Republican opponent Mitt Romney.

Despite Mitt Romney carrying the state of North Carolina his inability to win other key states such as Iowa, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and New Hampshire seem to have ultimately cost the former Governor of Massachusetts the top job in the White House. The Democratic Party’s “Get out the vote” campaign seems to have had the desired effect, with this election having one the best voter turnouts in recent memory.

Without wanting to put too fine a point on it, Romney’s campaign has done rather well for itself considering how often it was mired in controversy, whether through Romney’s own doing, or that of his party members. Highlights of this self-sabotage surely must include the secretly filmed video of Romney rubbishing 47% of the United States’ population for being poor and/or ethnic, or the GOP’s apparent obsession with the issue of rape and subsequent conception which has done nothing to enamour the party as a whole with women voters.

And so, the most tweeted about event in the history of social media has finally come to pass without disaster. At least now the world can breathe easily knowing that a Republican-led America won’t be simultaneously trying to get the rest of us into wars with Russia, China and Iran.

Not until 2016 anyway.