Barack Obama’s car got stuck at the US Embassy in Ireland as it tried to drive over a small ramp. The video has been viewed more than a million times on Youtube.

President Obama’s car is nicknamed ‘The Beast’ as it was built to withstand all types of attacks. However the car didn’t prove too nifty as it drove from the US Embassy during Obama’s visit to Ireland.

When the car’s low underbelly caught on a piece of metal, the driver was forced to get out of the car and investigate.

Barak Obama downs a Guiness in Ireland
Security stepped up for Barak Obama’s UK visit

A video clip of Obama’s car getting stuck was uploaded to Youtube with the description: “might be bullet proof, it might be missile proof – but a teeny weeny kerb has defeated the Presidential car!!!!!!”

Watch Obama’s car get stuck at the US Embassy in Ireland


Viewer comments included:

“Best BMW Ad ever!” and “You can’t blame Bin Laden for this!”

Barack Obama was in Ireland to get back in touch with his Irish roots.

His great-great-great- grandfather once lived and worked in the small town of Moneygall as a shoemaker, apparently with the name O’Bama.

However Obama was forced to cut short his visit to Ireland because of the ash cloud moving towards Europe from Iceland.

The president and his wife Michelle arrived at the UK’s Stansted Airport on Air Force One, a modified Boeing 747, on Monday night.