Barack Obama’s hair is not dyed according to his wife, First Lady Michelle Obama.

The colour of the president’s hair became an international talking point after a picture story at the end of January suggested that he had dyed his hair from grey to black.

But speaking on NBC’s Today Show earlier this morning, Mrs Obama, denied that her husband use any products to enhance his hair colour.

Looking at the pictures of her husband on the screen in front of her of her husband Michelle remarked: “He’s pretty grey”.

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She also put down the President’s apparent colour change in the pictures to variations in the lighting.

She added: “I think that if he had known he would be president, he would have started dyeing his hair years ago. He said now it’s too late.”

Michelle also said that beauty and fashion issues don’t come very high on her husband’s agenda.

“Not all all. I wish that he would focus more on a different color suit (or) a new shirt,” she said. “He cares very little about his appearance.”

Already back in 2008, the greying hair of the 49-year-old president was discussed in media. During a campaign stop on his way to becoming the 44th President of America, Obama said:

“When I started this campaign, everybody called me a young man – they’re not calling me that anymore. I’m getting grey hair,” he told voters. “Running for president will age you quick.”