Security has been stepped up ahead of Barack Obama’s state visit to the UK on May 24-26, following the killing of Osama bin Laden.

Obama and his wife Michelle will be spending three days in the UK, where they also will be meeting David Cameron as well as the Queen in London.

The UK threat level of a terror attack has been at the second highest, at severe, since January 23 earlier this year, however, several sources within the counter-terrorism community are warning that the killing of Osama bin Laden has led to a more imminent threat of terrorost attacks, than previously. 

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Osama bin Ladern killing sparks UK terror fears

“Operations like these always look at the threat picture and clearly something like this changes that threat picture,” a Scotland Yard source told the Daily Telegraph.

Also, CIA director Leon Panetta believes that the death of the terrorist leader will spur on terrorist cells or ‘lone wolf’ terorists to attempt attacks. 

He said: “Though bin Laden is dead, al Qaeda is not. The terrorists almost certainly will attempt to avenge him and we must – and will – remain vigilant and resolute.”

Although Scotland Yard doesn’t want to give any details of their planned security operation for the Obama visit, a spokesman for the Metropolitan Police said:

“The MPS will continue to monitor the intelligence picture over the coming weeks leading up to the US President’s visit and adapt the policing plan accordingly.”