The ‘Barefoot Bandit’ has been captured and deported to the US after pleading guilty to illegally landing a plane in the Bahamas.

Colton Harris-Moore, 19, became known as the ‘Barefoot Bandit’ because he was barefoot when he allegedly broke into houses, was finally arrested – after two years on the run – and has been taken to the federal detention center in Miami.

Barefoot Bandit Harris-Moore faces serious charges back in the US, including a federal charge of stealing an airplane in Idaho and transporting it across state lines.

He will also be charged with dozens of burglaries and thefts in the San Juan Islands of Washington State.

Harris-Moore has been on the run for two years, after escaping from a halfway house in Seattle.

He was finally captured on Sunday after a high-speed boat chase on Harbour Island, one week after police found the wreckage of a stolen plane they believe he flew to the archipelago.

The Barefoot Bandit has become a folk hero after eluding authorities on foot, in stolen cars and even airplanes for the last two years.

However, after pleading guilty in the Bahamas, Harris-Moore was sentenced to three months in jail or a $300 fine, a Nassau police spokeswoman said. He will appear in court on Wednesday to face charges pending in Seattle.

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