Dan Witchalls, a roofer, claimed to have dodged security guards at night to leap from the 1017ft-high tower, which is the tallest building in the European Union.

His confessions were recorded in videos filmed from a helmet-mounted camera.

Witchalls said: “When I heard it was being built, I thought, ‘I must give that a go’.”

His highest jump is thought to have been taken from 850ft.

The base jumper claimed that on one occasion, he had to hide in a doorway after nearly running into a security guard at 600ft. He waited for the guard to fall asleep and then jumped from the floor below.

Witchalls’ revelations follow a confession by a team of urban explorers who said they had climbed The Shard more than 12 times in the past three years.

Witchalls used his confession to point out the security issues posed by his antics.

“I could have been a terrorist. I could have planted a huge bomb. Imagine a bomb the size of my backpack, full of explosives. A thousand feet up it would do some damage,” he said.

Check out the video of Witchalls below.

Picture: Getty