It’s estimated half the male population of Ravenshoe, where about 2000 people live inland from Cairns, sport facial hair.

“Growing beards are all the go here,” local councillor Shaaron Linwood said.

“Most of the beards are quite long, there’s a few moustaches but most seem to go for the whole shebang.

“I think people are fairly relaxed around Ravenshoe. You don’t see many barbers and you very rarely see any suits worn either.”
Ms Linwood says the local men are proud of their facial hair.

“There’s one fellow from nearby Innot Hot Springs and he’s got a very lush beard and flowing head of hair,” she said.

“There’s even one guy who plaits his beard.”

To prove the town is the hairiest, residents have put out a challenge to other communities across Australia to see if they can do better.

All of the hairy men of Ravenshoe will have their photo taken during the town’s Torimba Festival, which runs October 5-19.