Commuters face a 30-minute wait for Tubes at hotspot stations during this summer’s Olympics. But how else can you get to work? Read our top five healthy ways to commute during the 2012 Games.

1. Cycle

Barclays cycle hire costs from £1 (30 minutes; TfL also has some safe and quick bike routes through the capital, recommended by experienced cyclists. If you’re in the market for buying your own bike, you can get about 32 per cent off the cost with the government’s Cycle Scheme ( through your employer, as long as they’re signed up.

2. Run

Bundle your work clothes into a backpack and don your trainers for a jog home on the tarmac. If you don’t fancy doing this alone, or want someone to carry your bag, join one of London’s commuter running clubs on various routes from central London. Check out for more information and to find your nearest route.

3. Rollerblade

It’s time to relive your youth and strap on some skates so you can speed past the traffic. London’s pretty flat, so it’s an easy city to rollerblade around. Some skaters use skiing or nordic walking sticks for balance and to increase their speed. Watch out for traffic though, and wear a helmet, plus knee and elbow pads. gives good advice on skating in London.

4. Micro scoot

They might not have caught on for adults the first time round, but you’ll make other drudging commuters jealous when you zip past them on your adult micro scooter. Get them from for £52 – that’s less money than paying for a travelcard for two weeks. And they fold up small enough to stash under your desk or in a bag when you get to work.

5. Walk

If you’re not one of the lucky few who live close enough to work to walk, get the bus or Tube part of the way, and when you get closer and things start getting busier, get off and beat the feet. A good site for routes is, which takes in interesting landmarks and Tube stations, too – so you’ll get to know the city better and can jump on the Tube at stations that aren’t
so packed.

Lazier ways to make your commute bearable

Avoid the Central and Jubilee lines and if you can, plan your route so you don’t go through busier stations. See where they’ll be at

Take advantage of cheap West End shows – Tfl is offering people who work in busy Olympic spots £10 tickets so they can travel home later.

Get pampered at Sanctuary Spa in Covent Garden, because Tfl is organising after-work offers there, too.

Take a commuter boat and enjoy the view as you travel up the Thames.

Grin and bear it, while listening to an anger-easing playlist. Waves, dolphin sounds, whatever works…