There are a high number of vacancies in pub kitchens, and the British Beer and Pub Association (BBPA) is dedicated to showing that these jobs can bring a whole range of benefits – from providing you valuable skills for life, to providing a sociable and fun lifestyle.

It would be damn convenient to already be in the pub for a few drinks after work too.

A wide range of careers are accessible through working as a pub chef, and innovative apprenticeships can throw you right into the heat of the action.

The BBPA has launched an inspirational video, which includes candid interviews with young chefs, to promote careers in pub kitchens and cast an honest look at life in this career.

 “When you put your heart and soul into a dish and the customer loves it – it’s a buzz” said Anthony Daly, franchisee and chef at The Onionring. “it’s a career, a lifestyle, and one where your creativity and skill can make a customer experience an unbeatable one.” 

For an idea of the career opportunities that being a chef could lead to, just think of the rise of celebrity chefs and personalities like Tom Kerridge, Jamie Oliver and Rachel Khoo. There’s never been a more exciting time to don your apron.

You could even make your mark in the hospitality industry by launching your own business, or travelling while you work throughout the world.

If you have a passion for food, creativity, and a certain amount of dedication for this demanding yet rewarding career, then it’s easy to find out more.

Watch the BBPA video here:

You can also hear what it’s like to work in the kitchen direct from young chefs at More personal stories on the wider range of careers on offer can be found on the blog site.