Ditto she can’t wait as she’s always felt being part of an official union has been something destined for her.

She said: “I was born to be married. I just feel comfortable. I love the idea of being partnered forever. I love my girlfriend, we’ve been best friends since I was 18.

“There’s not a thing we haven’t been through except for marriage. We’ve had talks about what we would name our kids since we were in our 20s.”

However, 31-year-old Beth jokes there could be some problems in the marriage because they’ve both had completely different upbringings.

She told Reveal magazine: “She’s from Hawaii and I’m from Arkanas, and I’m like, ‘This is going to be the most hilarious cultural matching’. “

The couple knew each other for several years before they became an item because Kristen worked as the singer’s assistant.

Although Beth had developed strong feelings for Kristen she waited until her nine-year relationship with transgender Freddie Fagula ended in January 2010 before embarking on a romance with Kristen.

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