The tune, dedicated to “my child with a child from Destiny’s Child”, is called “Glory” and debuted on Jay-Z’s website yesterday.

The track reveals some details about his 30-year-old wife’s journey to motherhood, including a miscarriage.

He raps: “Last time the miscarriage was so tragic. We was afraid you’d disappear. But nah, baby, you magic.”

The rapper, aka Shawn Carter, 42, talks about “false alarms and false starts”, but calls Blue “my greatest creation”.

He also says Blue was “the most beautiful girl in the world” and that she was “made in Paris”, just before Knowles “shot an album package”.

The pair, it is said, have already spent $1.5 million on toys for Blue, who was born on Saturday in New York.

They’re rumoured to have forked out $600,000 for a solid gold rocking horse and $15,000 for a Swarovski-studded high chair.

As security was upped in New York’s Lenox hospital for the stars and their newborn, other new mums were unhappy with their treatment and may sue the hospital.

Neil Coulon was reportedly blocked from seeing his newborn twins at the hospital.

He said: “They locked us into the NICU and would say, ‘You can’t come out to the hallway for the next 20 minutes.’ When I finally was able to go back out, I went to the waiting room and they’d ushered my family downstairs!”

A spokesperson denied that the couple had spent $1.3 million to book a whole floor of the maternity ward.