It usually takes a few tequilas to get even the best of us dancing, but tonight I’m stone cold sober, in my trainers and about to learn a dance routine to Baby Boy by Beyonce. The principle of this class is to learn a new routine to a song from the pop icon’s arsenal of hits. You copy the instructor’s moves step-by-step until you have it. Sounds easy enough in theory.

We begin with some attitude-heavy pacing, hip gyrating and a lot of stomping, but clearly we’re not doing well. Our instructor yells: “I don’t want to see you walking to Tesco, I want to see attitude! Walk like you’re in killer bitch-heels and you’re holding a couple of guns.”

Despite us all whacking each other in the face a few times – the studio is very packed – everyone gets into it. The moves are a challenge, but they’re not impossible. Soon we’re shaking our hips and strutting our stuff. And, although I look more like a dad doing the robot than a slinky backing dancer, I’m having far too much fun to care.

It’s not non-stop cardio, but because you’re shaking it like Miss Knowles, it definitely feels like it’s bringing you one step closer to those hotpants. Clare Vooght

29 New Inn Yard, EC2A 3EY
Train: Shoreditch High Street