It’s back! It’s the programme which has given us some of the most memorable TV moments of all time but has also featured some of the most iconic pieces of furniture of all time.

The sofa/Diary Room chair/furniture in the Big Brother house are now as infamous as its contestants.

From deep gold, carnival waltzers to transparent futuristic designs, the seats in the house have witnessed tears and tantrums from over 250 housemates.

So what better way to celebrate Celebrity Big Brother 2015 than looking back at some of the most iconic moments that have occurred on the sofa or Diary Room Chair?

So, sit back and enjoy as Sofa Bargains does a countdown of our Top 10 most famous moments on the sofa of ALL TIME.


10. Jasmine Waltzs back in
There can be nothing worse than being caught cheating and getting busted on National TV takes some beating. Celebrity Big Brother 13 saw Jasmine Waltz returned, only for a few minutes, and confront supposed love interest Lee Ryan, who was sitting comfortably on a purple Chesterfield sofa, on his shenanigans with Casey Batchelor since her eviction. The word cringe springs to mind when watching this clip.

9. Word Up Brian Belo
Brian Belo’s word association task in BB8 is one of the most surreal moments ever seen.
We can almost visualise the cogs in his brain working overtime as we see his mind struggling to find an endless amount of words to associate with ‘female’ sitting on this electric diary room chair. These kind of moments, a little romance and general likable character lead to him eventually becoming the winner of BB8.

8. Meow! Gorgeous George purrs into action
%TNT Magazine% 8.GeorgeGalloway
Gorgeous George, what were you thinking? We can’t decide whether the moment George Galloway becomes a cat on this orange fabric sofa is funny or just creepy. However we decided that the iconic moment is too memorable to miss out.

7. Do you understand Gibberish?
Pete Bennett won the show in BB7 and here we can see why! As Big Brother decides to start speaking Welsh to the housemates, Pete decides to play along by replying in that famous language of Gibberish. The gold Diary Room chair became a huge hit that year.

6. Steady on Vinny
%TNT Magazine% 6.VinnieJones
As a footballer, Vinnie Jones was known for hardly staying on his feet. In CBB7 he continued this trend when he almost fell off a brown Chesterfield sofa. In true Vinnie Jones style, he quickly regained his composure by keeping his cool and brushing off the possible embarrassment. Well saved Vinnie.

5. I Can’t
A tantrum for the ages, Chanelle of BB8 screams her way into number 5 in the Diary Room chair. Though her tantrum was laughed at by the entire country, we can’t help but think how much she sounds like My Fair Lady’s Eliza Doolittle when whimpering ‘I Can’t’.

4.Chilli Power

Big Brother 9’s Chilli task comes in at number 4. Kathreya (Cookie Power) smashes her way through the chillies while sat on this designer Diary room chair in record time. However, it is Mohammed who steals the show with an Oscar winning performance to the Chilli task.

3. Shock it to them!
What better way to punish celebrities than to give them an electric shock. Celebrity Big Brother 6 did exactly that by shocking the likes of Ulrika Jonsson, with Terry Christian amidst the backdrop of some rather cute multi-coloured sofas.

2. Shock!Horror

If one shock wasn’t enough, we’ve added another one for good measure. As their housemates keep hitting the wire on their task the reaction of the housemates is amazing, writhing on the sofa for comfort.

1 “Who is She?”
%TNT Magazine% 1.Nikki Grahame
So we made it to number one, have you guessed it? I bet you have, it’s Nikki Grahame’s ‘Who is she?’ Diary Room moment of BB7. One of the most iconic Big Brother moments of all time, known by people who don’t even watch the show.  The infamous Gold diary room chair makes the scene even more memorable.