When this off-road biker hit a tree and was impaled by a branch through his cheek, he knew one thing: The show must go on for Youtube!

The video isn’t for the squeamish as the two bikers manage to film everything and the guy who’s had the crash chats away happily with the branch sticking out of his cheek.

After the crash, the dirt rider’s friend comes over and removes and is greeted by the sight or his mate’s impaled face.

Apparently the bike rider ended up with a 1inch diameter tree branch impaled 2 1/2inches into his cheek.

Watch the biker getting impaled through the face here.


According to a Youtube comment, this is what happened:

@canadianarcher “It took about 3 hours to get to the nearest hospital, they got my straight into surgery and they had to slit my cheek open a little more cuz the branch was bigger on the inside so they couldn’t just pull it straight out.

Then they stitched me up with 24 stitches. i got the stitches out last week, i have full muscle function, just loss of feeling in the immediate area. i am extremely lucky, i thought it would be worse!”

The unknown face-impaled bike rider has won praise for his hard-as-nails attitude to the accident.

“Gnarly as fuck. You’re a hero to us all,” said chrisgsauce.

“wow, you are amazing to handle that so well. i’m glad to hear your mouth healed well!” kamikazisuperninja wrote.

However, a couple of Youtube viewers have questioned the authenticity of the clip.

“So did that branch break the visor on your helmet? also let us see the scar,” said kuro1911.