A motorcyclist narrowly escaped death when he was pulled out from underneath a burning car – and the whole episode was captured on film.

Brandon Wright was driving his motorcycle along a road in Utah, in the US when he was hit by a BMW.

His bike hit the car's bonnet before bouncing onto the ground and the 21-year-old slid underneath it.

Seconds later, both the bike and car burst into flames.

A clip of the incredible scenes has been posted on You Tube, and shows a group of students and construction workers gathering together to tilt the BMW up.

After a few attempts they managed to tip it onto its side and pull Wright to safety before emergency crews arrived.

The onlookers also used fire extinguishers from the nearby Utah State University to put out the fire.

Jeff Curtis, Assistant Logan Police Chief, said: "I'm impressed that that many people would get involved, especially where there's fire involved, the possibility of explosions and everything else."

Wright was taken to hospital in a critical condition, while the car driver suffered minor injuries.

The motorcyclist told the Associated Press: "I'm just very thankful for everyone that helped me out. They saved my life."

Watch the video below.

[View: youtube.com/watch?v=D5HTKiYoFks]