Cheryl Cole returned from Afghanistan to celebrate the launch of her new shoe collection at The Home House on Monday night.

She stepped out sporting a red silk mini dress, nude skyscraper heels and an enormous beehive to rival that of the late Amy Winehouse.

The Three Words singer’s foray into footwear coincides with her collaboration with fashion website Stylistpick, where the collection will go on sale from December.

Cole will also be blogging about her favourite items from the website’s arsenal of accessories.

Juliet Warkentin, Stylistpick’s chief creative officer, said: “We are thrilled to be working with Cheryl. Cheryl is the style icon and is amazingly warm, a quality that has made her the nation's favourite.

“We believe that the launch will have a huge fashion impact; establishing fashion's greatest influencer as a major force in fashion design and further democratising fashion.”

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Chezza’s bandmate and best pal Nicola Roberts showed up, wearing a stylish green floral mini-dress for the event.

Cole, who is now lined up to replace Michael McIntyre on Britain’s Got Talent since being given the boot from the UK and US X Factor, seemed to be happy with the night – tweeting “It’s shoe time.. Haha ;-)’ alongside a picture of her sipping a cocktail.

But when she got back home, she proved her feet are still human, tweeting: “Girls.. Don't you just love taking your foot out of a heel and into your slippers.. The best! Feels like my feet are having a cuddle.. X'