Connolly left the stage 20mins early at a gig in Blackpool after being interrupted during one of his jokes by a member of the audience and walked out early on a gig in Scarborough too earlier in the same week.

Fans at the show in Blackpool said: “Another person said: “I think he should have had consideration for the majority instead of spoiling it because of one heckler. When he left the stage he wasn’t smiling and didn’t thank the audience for attending.”

Others though have defended Connolly. After he left the stage early in Scarborough after drunk audience members repeatedly heckles him and left the show to go the bar.

One audience member on the night said: “The bar should not be open when a show is running. People constantly got up out of their seats and it was extremely disrespectful to Billy.”

Connolly has declined to comment on the two incidents.

Photo: Getty.