Another large flock of birds have been found dead on a road in the Swedish town of Falkopeing on Wednesday morning, mirroring the incident in the US a few days ago. The dead birds in Sweden were killed by external blows, the Swedish National Veterinary Institute has announced in a statement.

A flock of between 50 and 100 Jackdaws was found dead on the road in Sweden yesterday, instigating worldwide speculation on the cause of death.

Autopsies have now been performed on five of the birds, and the results show that the birds died from “sudden, hard external blows”.

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Marianne Elvander from the Swedish National Institute explained: “We have determined that the birds have died from severe internal bleedings caused by external blows”.

She also confirmed that none of the birds were showing any signs of disease or infection.

Similar bird incidents have occurred in the town Beebe in Arkansas and Labarre in Louisiana involving thousands of dead blackbirds, starlings and sparrows.

It is not yet known exactly what has caused the bird deaths.