Lawyers for McCullum, playing in the IPL at the moment for the Kolkata Knight Riders, confirmed the case will be lodged with the High Court at Hamilton next week.

They claim he’s the author of “The Taylor Affair”.

“Mr Parker’s paper makes some very serious attacks on my integrity, my honesty and my ethics as a professional sportsman,” McCullum said in a statement through his lawyers.

“I have endeavoured to resolve these issues with Mr Parker but have been unable to do so. He has left me with no choice but to defend myself and my reputation this way.”

He added he felt he had “no option but to take legal action”.

McCullum said he doesn’t want damages from Parker: “I simply want his acknowledgment that the claims he makes are completely false.”

A leaked document attributed to Parker criiticises New Zealand cricket’s management, including how the board’s handled the sacking of Ross Taylor as captain and replacing him with McCullum.

Parker’s document was reportedly one of several he shared with former New Zealand players, including ex-wicketkeeper Ian Smith and batsman Mark Greatbatch, about their concerns for the game in their country.

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