Get appy
There are a multitude of apps than can assist you in getting the most out of a short break. You have limited time and don’t want to spend hours searching for a place to sleep. HotelQuickly helps you find a hotel up to 48 hours before and giving you significant discounts on (3-5 star) hotels. Other apps apps such as Yelp, Uber, and Google Maps will be your best friends in helping you get around and find the best deals.

Pack smart
Being able to disappear on a whim for the weekend means you’ll need pack fast and efficiently… For a short break you can get buy with the simple basics; change of outfits, toiletries and a pair of shoes for the daytime and evening – bonus points if this the same pair(don’t forget your smartphone charger). Check the weather for your destination, and remember than anything you forget you can probably pick up once you arrive.

Passport validity
There’s nothing worse than seeing an incredible last minute deal for a long weekend in Bali or a ski deal in NZ and then realising you can’t take advantage of it because your passport has (or is close to) expiring. Most countries require you to have at least 3-6 months of validity, so stay prepared to skip the country at a moments notice by knowing your expiry date and renewing in plenty of time.

Travel insurance
They say plan for the unplanned, even on the shortest breaks there is room for changes. It’s important to get travel insurance to cover you for any medical issues, delays and cancellations as well as loss or theft of your property. If you’re a regular traveller many providers can cover you for an entire year so you won’t even need to think about it next time.

Money, Money, Money
If you’re staying close to home currency won’t be an issue, but if you’re looking to go abroad you’ll need a simple solution. Electronic currency cards are a great way to go, as many of them support a range of currencies, and you can pre-load them with Australian dollars and just convert what you need, as you need it. Adding your spare funds to them as you is a great way to save money for holidays too.