June’s event will remember and honour Britain’s heroes with bustling music, fortifying cocktails, and a good old dash of patriotic spirit.  

Taking place in an East London warehouse, a cavernous den that contains more alcoholic provisions and Blitz spirit than Churchill’s bunker, this party will recreate the wartime glamour of 1940s London. The venue will be transformed into a wartime air shelter with a swing dance hall, live music stage and bunkers complete with sandbags, searchlights, blackout curtains and oil lamps.  

Ladies can drop in at the beauty parlour to perfect their 40s look with complementary hair and make-up touch ups. Ration books will replace bar menus and scarce provisions will line the walls. Don’t worry the gin won’t be rationed. 

The evening will host the UK’s finest live swing bands and performers; Capitano’s Vegas Rabble will be playing the best in 40-60s jump jive, swing and rhythm & blues. Swing Patrol will be leading a dance class from 7pm, and there will be plenty of wartime snacks on hand in the Mess Hall to keep those jitterbugs going.  

Whether you’re a good time girl or RAF hero, flirt over a Raspberry Collins, swing dance under searchlights, and recapture an era that made history.  

Dress Code is 1940s glam, home front utility clothing and allied uniformThe dress code is strict 

Tickets are priced at £30 for general admission and £40 for general admission and dance class. The dance class starts at 19.00 and the bunker opens at 20.00.