A spoof video of award-winning TV presenter Brian Cox is attracting a fanbase as the presenter’s popularity rockets with success of his Wonders Of The Solar System TV show.

In the video, a voice-over artist perfectly mimics Cox’s laidback Lancashire accent, peppering a series of banal observations with the word “fuck” or, as Cox would say it, “fook”.

Cox, a former member of the 80’s pop band D:REAM who later became a phycisist, has achieved critical and popular success with Wonders of the Solar System, on which the spoof is based.

He picked up two gongs at the Royal Television Society Awards this week – one for Best Presenter, and the Science and
Natural History award

And earlier this week Cox hit out at the BBC for turning down the background music in Wonders of the Solar System.

“My view is that it should be a rather more
cinematic experience. At the end of the day it’s a piece of film on TV
and it’s not a lecture,” he said.

Sir Peter Maxwell Davies, Master of the Queen’s Music, said Viewers of this programme have not tuned in to listen to a musical performance. I find the whole thing dreadful,’ he said.

‘Why do serious scientists and programme makers feel the need for
such wallpaper? It really does come to something when even a science
programme is being drowned out by muzak.

While the YouTube spoof of Cox may draw a few complaints of its own, it’s also sure to raise a few chuckles with gems like:
“One day all this stuff will be entirely wiped out like some sort of fooking nighmare and if you don’t believe me, look at what happened to the dinosaurs.

“When I think about how vast the sloar system is it just … fook with my mind”

“What produces clouds? Volanoes – they spill out fooking loads of cloud.”

“Mars: a place so similar to Earth in so many ways but yet, bit different.”

YouTube users and Cox fans were enthusiastic about the videos.

Granulatedstuff wrote: “I like Brian..but this is brilliant… i was watching yesterday and I kept thinking he;d popped an E before filming !”

Fiatknow wrote:” Yes, we Brits really do swear every other single fookin word. But
there are good teeth to be found in Britain, and Brian Cox’s mouth has
got all of them.”

It is believed both Cox and his wife have seen the video,with one online user even claiming that Cox retweeted it himself.