Join the one in 10 of us who’ve had a sexual encounter at the airport.

New research has revealed the rise (sorry) of the ‘airport club’, with one in 10 travellers owning up to sex in an airport.

According to the poll, the majority of people who had done so offered up the explanation that they were ‘in the holiday spirit’.

Initially, passengers passing through an airport were asked by researchers for the comparison website jetcost, ‘Did you have any free time to spend in the airport while waiting around?’ and were then asked ‘How did you spend your free time at the airport?’ When provided with a list of possible responses and told to select all that applied, the top five responses were as follows:

1. Eating and drinking -79%

2. Reading- 52%

3. Browsing the duty free shops – 30%

4. Just sat around waiting – 24%

5. Played games (electronic or otherwise) – 19%

However, when looking at what else people had got up to in airports previously, 9% of the respondents admitted that they’d had a sexual encounter while in an airport before. The most popular place in which people joined the ‘airport club’ was ‘airport toilets’, followed by ‘storage area/room’. Around 25 of the 250 or so who’d had a sexual encounter at the airport admitted they’d been caught by either staff or members of the public.

Jetcost founder Antoine Michelat said he was surprised that more people haven’t been caught in the act. “I suppose one of the reasons many people are tempted is the thrill of knowing you’re not supposed to be doing what you’re doing, where you’re doing it,” he reckons.