Still, the main focus of Gymbox’s newest addition is the routine. If you have any aptitude for following choreography (which I discovered during the class that I decidedly didn’t), you might even learn some moves you could take to the club.

The instructor started out simple; a shuffle, side-step, cross, cross, sexy shimmy. Well, OK, it was simple compared to what was to come. In honesty, I was already confused, which proved problematic as the routine grew more and more complicated. Some abstract arm moves followed.

The instructor made it all oh-so seemless, slick, and hip when he demonstrated the routine. When I tried the choreography out myself, I ended up looking, well, a little more goofy.

Fortunately, the discovery that both my feet were indeed left tickled, rather than frustrated me, and by the end of the session I realised I was sweating.

After a few more classes, I might be able to pick up enough tricks to impress the next time I hit the dance floor.

Go online to get a free trial class. Classes are Mon, 6.45pm; Tue, 6.20pm; Sat, 1.10pm. For Gymbox members only. Memberships cost from £62 per month.  

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