Members of Bristol’s St Paul’s Blood Gang are seen in the clip, which was made around two years ago on a public street in broad daylight, posing with scarves and hoods and showing off about guns.

Police saw the five-minute video, which threatened to shoot rival gang members and shows one man pulling out a .22 handgun.

Cops found a loaded handgun matching that in the video, as well as a sawn-off shotgun and a Desert Eagle-style handgun, when they raided the home of ringleader Narwayne Parchment, 22, in February.

Parchment, who lives in the St Paul’s area of Bristol and is nicknamed Twizzle, admitted firearms offences and got six years in jail, as did O’Shane Finlayson, 20, and 22-year-old Linus Campbell.

Noah Ntuve, 25, pleaded guilty to possession of a prohibited weapon and was imprisoned for five years, while 18-year-old Kamari Lee was given three years.

Parchment and Ntuve were already in jail for dealing heroin to undercover police officers.

The gun video has been pulled from social networking sites, but other videos made by the gang remain on YouTube.

Check out this one, which is captioned on YouTube with the words: “REAL G’S IN DA BUILDING JUST A QUICK HOOD VIDEO 4 DA FAKES.”

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