The Bristol pound has been taken up by over 100 local businesses, including a family bakery, a local theatre, and cafes and restaurants. The move is to stop big companies from being the sole beneficiaries of the city’s spending. 

Notes will be printed in £1, £5, £10 and £20 denominations, through Bristol Credit Union with whom customers can open an account. The scheme has the backing of the Financial Services Authority too. 

Bristol Pound director Ciaran Mundy says of the scheme’s purpose: “This money will be created by the people of Bristol for Bristol people. 

“Big companies just hoover up money from a local area. Money goes in to their financial system and typically out into London and into the offshore sector. 

“We’ll be driving to get more money going into independent traders, to ensure we keep the diversity of our city.”

To keep things personal and independent, Bristol Pound is also offering the public the chance to create designs for the notes too.

Photo: Bristol Credit Union.