Natalie Hemme, 31, is left with a foot long scar on her arm after she was bitten during her sleep by a spider in her bed.

Her arm blew up like a balloon; the blood flow in her arm stopped and became infected.

Initially Hemme was prescribed antibiotics for the bite, then a couple of days later she was vomiting and couldn’t stand up. Her husband called 999 and  she went to hospital where doctors explained that they might have to amputate her arm, in order to save her life.

She was taken to St George’s Hospital in South London. “I was in that much pain when they told me I needed my arm amputated I didn’t even care,” Hemme explained to the Daily Mail.

Hemme was shocked that this kind of bite came from a house spider in the UK, “You’d expect it in Australia, but not here.

“I can’t believe all this happened over a bite from a house spider,” she commented in the Daily Mail.

It’s still undetermined what kind of spider attached Hemme, but whatever it is it lives in houses across the UK believes Hemme:

“Now I always check the bed for spiders and insects.”

Picture: Getty