Snow is expected to fall in northern England and Wales today as a cold air from the Arctic hits Britain.

The country has already seen frost but brace yourself to be genuinely freezing as temperatures drop, the wind chill factor kicks in and snow flurries descend.

Yesterday’s temperatures were between 10C-13C (50F-55F), but over the next few days daytime could be just 3C (37F) while nights fall below zero.

Met Office forecaster Robin Downton said: “The main feature this week, particularly on Tuesday and Wednesday, will be that we are going to see air coming southwards all the way from the Arctic.

“We will all feel the chill for a couple of days, with daytime temperatures in the south around 10C (50F) and a couple of degrees colder in the north.

“The air will feel chilly. We will all certainly notice it.”

The cold snap is expected to be over by the end of the week but until then, you can expect complaining about the weather to be the main feature of office conversation.