The watchdog organisation said that scientists, coaches and support staff were involved in the provision of banned substances across a range of sporting platforms.

“Multiple athletes from a number of clubs in major Australian sporting codes are suspected of currently using or having previously used peptides, potentially constituting anti-doping rule violations,” said home affairs minister Jason Clare. He added that in some instances, organised crime had a hand in supplying the dope.

“It’s cheating but it’s worse than that, it’s cheating with the help of criminals,” he said.

The commission looked at the use of a new form of performance enhancing drugs called peptides. Their report found that in some cases, athletes were using drugs not yet approved for human use.

Sports Minister Kate Lundy said sports organisations and the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Agency would increase their efforts to deal with the problem.

“If you want to cheat, we will catch you, if you want to fix a match, we will catch you,” Ms Lundy said.

Press conference video via NewsOnABC on YouTube 

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