So, if you are planning an event or handling the needs of any type of group, don’t stress over the litany of options available of products that can be customized. Most of them are poorly made and immediately thrown out after the event.

If you are looking for true marketing power in your promotional items, you need to focus on the utility of the gift that you are offering. This means that you shouldn’t over think it at all. What do most people need when they are walking around an event with stuff in their hands? They need something to put that stuff into. Thankfully science has given us an answer! The intelligent engineers and scientists have created what most of us in the industry call a tote bag. This ingenious device cups all of the belongings that are placed in it. With two carrying handles, walking around is easier than it ever has.

Seriously, custom bags are the ultimate promotional item as described below because they offer long lasting durability and utility that will outlast any other promotion item available.

Why Buy Products for Event Promotions?

If you are looking for promotional items for your group or next event, then you probably already have an answer for this. However, it is still important to understand the purpose of the promotional item, so it doesn’t seem like a chore.

The promotional item is part of the general marketing campaign of any company or brand. If you buy a Nike shirt it will have their logo on it. When someone wears that shirt, everyone sees the logo and Nike gets customer exposure. This isn’t the same for everyone. Some companies don’t have products that the general public see when they are in use. Car companies get free exposure when their cars are seen on the road. The consumer isn’t getting paid to do it. It is just part of the arrangement. For all of those times when you could be showing off your logo, promotions are used to fill in the space. Pens have no branding often, or a small amount. Why not slap a corporate logo on it?

So, when you need exposure to your audience to remind them that you are around and that they should be a future or returning client, you need the exposure from those promotional items. Further, you want the general public to see that your targets are holding or using something with your branding on it. Hats are great for this. Everyone sees them. However, not that many people actually wear hats except for athletes, men, and some kids. Your target audience might include some of these but probably not enough to make it worth it.

What Types of Products make the Best Promotions?

If you are wondering what product to make into a promotional item, then you need to consider how to maximize your marketing potential. Boring useful things have more marketing power than fun but un-useful things. Why is this the case? Fun things are usually fun only momentary and then forgotten, broke, or just thrown away. Useful items are kept even after they are broken. Why? People want useful things. People want things that make their lives easier to live. The most sought-after useful items are those items that help organize one’s life. The easiest item that can be given out as a promotional item at an event and customized is the basic tote bag. A tote bag is a universal sign for utility. It offers all of the benefits of a duffle without the bulkiness and has an open top.

Always make sure your tote bags are customized such that anyone will be able to tell what you are based on your branding. If your promotional item isn’t customized, then the whole exercise is wasted. Make sure that you get your customized tote bags for your promotional event from a wholesaler that can offer the best deals and the best products.

Don’t buy your products from a retail store. That is the worst result that could happen. Why? Because retail prices won’t work for large orders. Further, most retail stores don’t have the volume that is needed for most events. You will be stuck hunting for the same product and hunting for another company that does custom logos on bags. Just buy from a wholesaler who can offer great custom options like