The Germans still love their salami, and the French love their cheese, the survey reveals, but when it comes to mashed chick peas there is one nation that is out on their own. 

“The UK is the hummus capital of Europe,” said Rachel Symons, spokeswoman for Sharp Europe who conducted the survey of our European taste buds, to The Telegraph.

The survey showed that more than 40% of Brits have hummus in their fridge. Tesco now sells more than 30 million pots of hummus a year.

Brits are also most likely to have coleslaw, stilton and cheddar in the fridge over their European neighbours.

67% of Germans have salami in their fridges, as well as a hefty 68% storing gouda cheese.

The French people surveyed were cheese-crazy, with Camembert – 72% – topping the list followed by Goat’s cheese (64%), Brie (48%), Gruyere (49%) and Parmigiano Reggiano (42%).

Photo: Thinkstock