Britain’s Got Talent judge David Hasselhoff has said that the acts performing during the BGT auditions in Glasgow were so poor that he didn’t even get what they were trying to do.

Hasselhoff said: “I didn’t have a clue what they were trying to do. I didn’t understand a word they said”.

Stand-up guru Michael McIntyre agreed that the Britain’s Got Talent acts were lame, saying: “The acts weren’t great. The audience were restless and chanted ‘cheerio, cheerio’ when they didn’t like an act – that was chanted a lot.”

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He added: “Susan Boyle blew everyone away when she auditioned in Glasgow but that won’t happen this year.”

Also, veteran judge Amanda Holden revealed she didn’t believe the winner of the competition would be among those who had auditioned in the Scottish city.

Instead she tipped Liverpool as the audition venue housing the eventual winner of the contest.

“I think it is probably the most talented city we visited this year.”

“I am astounded we have never been before because of its heritage in entertainment.”

Although rookie judge Hasselhoff, at times has struggled to understand some of the British accents on the show, and aired his frustration with the quality of some of the acts, the Hoff said:

“Each city has its own atmosphere. It’s more fun here than the States.”

“Most of the talent was young and heartwarming. We are excited for the final because we have such a diverse show.”