Fat Brits are buying £200 super-size toilet seats that are 19 inches wide and can carry weights of up to 60 stone.

Imported from the US, the Big John seats are sold by UK-based Gordon Ellis & Co, who has seen sales double in the last two years as the number of overweight people has soared.

Director Steven Evanson told The Sun: "People are getting bigger, wider and heavier. Why shouldn't they have a comfortable time when they go to the toilet?

"We tell them, 'Your bums aren't too big – your toilet seat isn't big enough'."

One relieved customer from Manchester said: "My husband required a little more room and was breaking many toilet seats a year – the Big John put an end to that."

Around 17 per cent of men and 21 per cent of women in the UK are obese and one in 11 deaths is linked to being fat.