A man was arrested for encouraging people to take part in a mass water fight via text message, officers announced on Monday, following last week’s riots.

 A 20-year-old man from Colchester was arrested and charged under the Serious Crime Act because he “allegedly sent messages from a Blackberry encouraging people to join in a water fight.”

In the statement they also said “officers have been offering support to colleagues in the Metropolitan Police Service and have vowed to take a robust approach to anyone who uses social networking sites to stimulate fictitious rumours.”

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The arrest was announced on Twitter, prompting users to ask if it was true.

@Binarytales said: “That was a joke tweet from @EssexPoliceUK right? An attempt to lighten the mood?”

Essex Police responded with: “Re water fight comments – police believe there may be more involved in light of recent disorder.”

Last week it was widely reported that rioters were communicating via social networks such as Blackberry’s messaging service, BBM.

The man was released on bail and is due to appear in court on September 1.