British motorists are becoming increasingly concerned about the environmental impact of their vehicles, with over 50% considering a hybrid as their next car, according to recent research by Admiral.

46% of drivers are concerned that their car is causing damage to the environment, while 9% are very concerned. 53% of motorists would consider a hybrid as their next vehicle while 34% would consider an allelectric battery powered vehicle. 

In 2013, a similar survey conducted by Admiral showed that 29% of motorists with a car in their household were concerned their car was harming the environment and just 44% said they would consider a hybrid vehicle.

16% of all hybrid quotes were senior professionals and 8.5%% were retirees, indicating that eco-friendly cars are predominantly owned by those with a more disposable income.

According to research, young people are most likely to want a hybrid car. 62% of 18-24 year olds would consider one for their next vehicle, whereas only 48% of those aged 55+ would consider one. 

Although the popularity of hybrid vehicles has risen in recent years, the YouGov study suggested that many motorists remain uncertain about fully electric vehicles. While 34% of people would consider one as their next purchase, 46% had ruled it out.

The biggest barrier for electric cars is cost. 63% were concerned about the price and 24% were concerned that costs for charging, insurance and maintenance would be too high. Nearly half of motorists were concerned that charging time would take too long. 

Which, if any, of the following do you think would be barriers to you buying an electric car as your next car?




They are too expensive to buy


They take too long to charge


There are not a lot of options of electric cars available


Third party costs are high (e.g. to charge/ maintain the car, insurance etc.)


They are not powerful enough


Not applicable – there are no barriers in particular that would stop me from buying an electric car


Don’t know


I would worry about being judged by my peers



Sabine Williams, head of motor at Admiral, said:

“This survey shows that green issues are really starting to affect motorists in the UK – and this promises to be a trend that only grows in coming years.

“This also echoes what we’re seeing day to day in the business – enquiries for electric and hybrid quotes have risen 1480% and 243% respectively in the last 7 years.

“This growing green appetite is why we’ve launched our green driving hub and comparison tool, so motorists can find the car that’s right for the environment – but also right for them.”

Paul Clarke, who founded the website Green Car Guide, said that recent media stories about diesel emissions have made drivers think about ‘green’ issues in more detail. He said:

“People are more aware of the impact that diesel emissions have on local air quality, so they are looking at alternatives, including hybrids. There is also the obvious benefit that greener cars such as hybrids typically also help motorists save money on car running costs.

Many people who try an electric car simply won’t go back to petrol or diesel.”