British favourite Sausages

It’s that time of year for warming winter grub, and it’s easy to see why Brits reach for a comforting plate of bangers and mash.

Why is a sausage called a banger?

It’s thought pork sausages clinched the name ‘bangers’ during World War II when, due to rationing, they had a high water content, and often exploded when being cooked as the water turned to steam.

Hit a snag

While most supermarkets sell sausages in a range of flavours – M&S pork and apple are delicious – there are also English county sausages to try: Cumberland sausages, originating from Cumbria, are peppery and longer in length. Lincolnshire are flavoured with herbs, namely sage, and are chunky in texture.

Sizzling Stuff

You can’t go wrong with a plate of fried sausages, mash and onion gravy, but the Brits also add bangers to brekkie, rolls and batter for bizarresounding toad in the hole.

Best Buys

» S&M (that’s sausages and mash, mind) has cafés all over London dishing up hearty portions. See

» Banger Bros (Portobello Rd, W11 1LU) serves award-winning sausages in fresh buns.

» Walk in Greenwich Park while biting into a Park Porker from The Honest Sausage kiosk near the Observatory.