In the1989 the disaster, that took place at Sheffield Wednesday’s stadium, 96 Liverpool football fans died. There have been suspicions about what happened that day for over a decade. It is thought the police involved in the incident have shifted blame to the fans.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) will finally be brought in to investigate what happened that day.
“The force said it was preparing to refer the conduct of its officers during and after the disaster,” reported the Guardian newspaper.

The suspected police cover up goes deep. The IPCC has been given complete access to 450,000 documents which accounted the true scale of the cover up.

“Fresh evidence showed 116 police statements were doctored, victims were tested for blood alcohol levels and checks were carried out on the police national computer to access criminal records in order ‘to impugn the reputation of the deceased’,” reported the Guardian.

The shadow home secretary, Yvette Cooper, asked for a thorough criminal investigation to be monitored by the IPCC.
Cooper said: “We are asking the Home Office to set out a proper separate investigation into the cover-up and what happened in South Yorkshire police, including looking at criminal charges, “At Hillsborough, people who should have been protected were betrayed and justice was denied.”

Sir Norman Bettison, was an off-duty police officer present at the Hillsborough ground on the day of the disaster in 1989. He is now the most senior serving police officer involved in Hillsborough case and has insisted he has nothing to hide. This week he has had pressure to resign but has refused.

Bettison still maintains that the fans made the Police’s job “harder than it needed to be”, reported Channed 4 News. He also said, “I never altered a statement nor asked for one to be altered.”

David Bernstein, Chairman of the Football Association, has offered a full apology: “I express sincere condolences to families of those who lost their lives and everyone connected to the city of Liverpool and Liverpool Football Club.”