Three byelections are being held to elect the new MPs. It’s predicted that the Conservatives will struggle to keep Corby, after Louise Mensch quit in order to move to the US.

A senior representative at the party told the Daily Mail: “It’s going to be a bloodbath. We are going to get absolutely hammered.”

MP Mensch was an example of the new look Tory party.

Meanwhile, the elections for new police and crime commissioners will be a fight between Conservatives and Labour. It’s thought that the Liberal Democrats will not have much of an influence at the elections.

In the Daily Mirror Prescott tried to make a plea to Labour voters. He called it a “total shambles” and explained that the fact this election had been delayed, and held in the winter, was to dissuade voters from coming out.

“David Cameron and his cronies don’t want you to come out and stop them,” he said.

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