Over a third of Brits worry there will be a time when robots present a danger to humans and 31% believe that they will soon be replaced in their job by a robot.

That’s the finding of the ‘Almost Human Report’, which also reveals 46% are concerned that technology is evolving too quickly and is undermining traditional ways of life.

Over a third (35%) of Brits say they are concerned about the use of drones (computer-operated unmanned aircraft) by the military, while 32% have fears about their use for home security and 25% by their use in the retail sector.

Many also think education will soon be led by androids, with 42% believing teachers could be replaced by robots in the classroom in the future.

However, it’s not all bad – 17% of Brits are prepared to climb into bed with futuristic sex robots, and 29% admitted they had no problem with the idea of other people having sex with a robot – but 41% thought the idea of ‘sexbots’ was creepy, with a further 14% saying robots should not be used in this way. Good to know.

Finally, one in ten people are convinced that we’ll be seeing RoboCop-style policing in a decade, and 20% think that robots will be the new cabbies. We’re betting you’ll still ask them when their shift finishes, though.

The survey was commissioned to mark the premiere of new TV series Almost Human, which is on Tuesdays at 9pm on Watch from tonight.

Image credit: Thinkstock