Not only is “good local food and restaurants” cited as the top priority when it comes to choosing a holiday destination (above beaches, nightlife, sightseeing and shopping), but almost a third of us have travelled to a destination with the primary intention to try a specific dish or eat in a certain restaurant.

And for many of those surveyed, specific dishes include some weird and wonderful local delicacies such as:

1. Sea urchins and jelly fish

2. Hens’ feet

3. Sheep eyes

4. Rattle snake

5. Curried fruit bat

6. Various insects including spiced grasshopper, roasted cockroach, crickets, deep fried bees, scorpions, termites, honey ants, lemon ants, spider legs, worms, deep fried locust and beetle ice cream

7. Bull testicles

8. Beer cheese

9. Tripe pizza

10. Rotten shark

11. Camel stew

12. Thousand year egg

13. Mice

14. Cactus

15. Seagull

16. Toad porridge

17. Peanut soup

18. Marinated duck tongue

19. Polish charcoal soup

20. Fermented herring (surstromming)

With this appetite to eat where and what locals eat (three quarters of those surveyed by Skyscanner prefer to dine in restaurants that are off the beaten track), it stands to reason that more than half of these flying foodies want food and restaurant recommendations to come from locals, rather than from other tourists or guidebooks. To meet this demand, Skyscanner is launching its locals’ guide to food and travel –