Seven per cent of Brits admit they would be willing to break the law to get their hands on Olympic tickets if they were available, new research has found. 

The findings of a YouGov survey follow the 100 days count down to the London Olympics on Wednesday.

Lady Gaga’s concert at Twickenham in September costs £215, while Brits would only pay £80.05 for a black market ticket to the 100 metres men’s final.

This is just £30 more than the starting price, and a huge £645 shy of the top price tickets, according to the survey of 2,000 people commissioned by home rental company

Full-time students living in London, or 15 per cent of those asked, are most likely to buy a last-minute ticket through an unofficial channel.

The survey also reveals that Brits aged 55 and over, or people living in the East of England, are least likely to feel the Olympics frenzy.

Only 3 per cent of these demographics would consider buying tickets on the black market.

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