If you want to discover a part of France that is hidden and not turisty as Paris and Provence can be, have a trip in Brittany. I started mine at Quiberon, on the south coast, and then went on to Quimper, and Finisterre. The landscape is amazing: deep blue ocean, little villages with the tipical black&white houses, lighthouses everywhere and long sandy beaches. The weather is a bit windy, and not so hot during the summer, but it doesn’t really matter when the location is this beautiful and inspiring. Food’s great too, the only remark I have is about nightlife… not really clubs or pubs to hit it off, but it’s plenty of little restaurants where you can have some cider (yes, Brittany is famous for cider and an apple liqueur called Calvados), chatting the night away… I also suggest some sailing, since the weather is perfect for that kind of activities.