It’s without a doubt one of the most famous homes in the world, and Buckingham Palace sure lives up to its reputation when viewed from the inside.

Unless you’re about to receive a knighthood or attend a state banquet, you can only get in the Palace for a couple of months a year – and it’s well worth having a look.

If you’ve already seen some of the great palaces of Europe (Schönbrunn, Versailles) you’ll have an idea what to expect: loads of gold fittings, plush carpets, huge chandeliers, old paintings of fancy-looking blokes on horses and ornate furniture – all the stuff you’d imagine would be in a gaff befitting the British monarch.

It’s lavish and opulent, making it too OTT for many – but then us mere mortals don’t have to live there. DANIEL LANDON

» Buckingham Palace Rd, SW1A 1AA Green Park ( Tours Jul 26-Sep 30. £16.50

Verdict: a right royal gaff