British retailer, Seflridges, have announced that the sale of underwear for men has increased by 28 per cent since the beginning of the year.

These spikes in sales have seen some people calling underwear the male version of the so called ‘lipstick effect’ – the term coined for women buying small but luxurious items in times of recession.

“Sales of men’s underwear at Selfridges have been very healthy throughout 2012 and they have been even stronger since the start of the year,” Selfridges menswear buying manager Richard Sanderson said.

The recession immune men out there can choose between undergarments made by some of the elite fashion houses of Europe including Versace and Dior or a silk-dressing gown hand crafted on famous London fashion hotspot, Saville Row.

“Men have become much more fashion-conscious in their choice of underwear and are looking for details and distinctive features such as contrasting belts, mix of texture in the materials used, patterns and even devices to enhance their natural shape.”

Truer words were never spoken. How could any self respecting woman have sexual congress with a man in a pair of holey, worn out Simpsons boxer shorts, or some sloppy old y-fronts with all the elastic gone?

Nothing says self respect, financial security and a high sperm count like a pair of $80 briefs.

Selfridges has become so aware of this that they have devoted 835 square metres of floor space to stocking over 25,000 individual pair of male undies.

There’s no excuses now.

Image: Getty